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    THE KITTEN CABOODLE RESOURCES | INITIATE'S SURVIVAL GUIDE | CLAN CALENDAR | CLAN RULES | GAME OF THE MONTH INFORMATION | HOW TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS FOR EVENTS | FULL MEMBER APPLICATION hello! you are my initiates and i am your mentor go to events and meet all the entertaining kitties our clan has to offer. browse the forums and find interesting conversations! please feel free to approach me about absolutely anything if you have any questions, concerns, or problems! (Use private messages if you need to be discrete.) Remember: Check the forums every 3 days Log onto our teamspeak server once every 10 days (ts.dmg-inc.com) Mentee Kitten Profiles: @Asteroid - this lovable tabby likes to sit on the windowsill and watch the death toll grow ✔ 332/50 Posts ✔ 26/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + Fortnite, CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Civilization V, Dead by Daylight, Terraria, StarCraft 2, Paladins @Pixelshy - this fluffy white cat likes to curl up on your lap while you shoot up Zombies, but can't stand the sight of anything actually dying ✔ 105/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Fortnite, Garry's Mod, Insurgency, Dota 2, PUBG @EasterPower - this kitten likes to pounce on your headset cord when you walk around ✔ 62/50 Posts ✔ 12/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + CS:GO, League of Legends @Meradie - this sweet bundle of fur likes to paw at the red dot of your sniper ✘ 28/50 Posts ✘ 2/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + CS:GO, Fortnite, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Terraria, Smite, ARK, Dota 2 @Sushi - this little kitty likes picking his teeth with the bones of his enemies ✔ 74/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > USA + PUBG, CS:GO, Rust, Rocket League, DayZ, Counter-strike: Source, Age of Mythology, Call of Duty WWII @RaZexClutchx - this little kitty naps in places that are impossible to be found ✘ 1/50 Posts ✘ 1/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > USA + ARK, CS:GO, PUBG, Golf with Your Friends @Daryslash - this cuddly nugget accidentally gets his claws stuck in your chair when pawing it for your attention ✔ 92/50 Posts ✔ 10/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> Brasil + Rust, Overwatch, Dota 2, Garry's Mod, League of Legends, Hearthstone @Afropenguin - this bundle of joy will jump on your face when the circle is closing ✘ 26/50 Posts ✘ 1/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> USA + Dota 2, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Team Fortress 2, Unturned, Terraria @3XK - this sweet cat likes to bat your usb drive under the fridge ✔ 52/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> Serbia + CS:GO, Dota 2 @NeoQuaker - this kitten thinks all the other kittens are its slaves ✘ 5/50 Posts ✔ 4/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> USA + Rust, PUBG, Rocket League .................................................................................................................................................................................. Please reply to this thread answering the following list of questions: 1. Are there any games you want me to add or remove to the list that I included in your kitten profiles? 2. How long have you been playing video games and which games have most impacted you? 3. Are there certain genres or types of games that you are attracted to, and what are they? 4. Have you ever improved on a weakness you had in a competitive video game, and how did you do it? 5. What is the best kind of seafood? 6. Do you have anything going on in life? Anything eating you up? ie, how are you (for real)? (Feel free to converse with anyone about their answers. Let's get some conversations going to boost our post count and meet our fellow cohort members!) .................................................................................................................................................................................. If you want to hang out with me, I highly recommend coming to my Game of the Month events :D We're playing Modded Terraria and StarCraft II. You can find my events on the Social Calendar! If you are low on events, I will probably reach out to you to play literally anything with me at an event. .................................................................................................................................................................................. Finally, I've found myself with a few spare keys. I will be giving out the choice of one of the following games to whichever of my initiates passes their cohort and gets the most event tokens in the month of December! Undertale The Long Dark Resident Evil 5
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    Hello everyone! It's Soulrick here, and this is the beginning of a 5 week weekly topic. First i'm gonna tag Competitive Team C members and Pokemon Officers. Also @13thShade or someone could tag inside the spoiler interested members on upcoming Trainer School? It will consist on a VGC 18 guide from the most basics to more advanced and concrete things. But before starting, i want to make some things clear. HOW TO READ For some, Pokémon is nothing more than a game where defeating the League Champion and completing the Pokédex is all they can aspire to. Many more are also passionate about hunting for shiny Pokémon. However, there is a small (although increasingly growing) number of players who believe that the game itself isn't enough, so they begin to focus the game competitively. Some opt for formats based singles (1 vs 1), where regulations and formats change over time and are regulated by Smogon University. However, on this weekly topic, we are gonna be dedicated exclusively to Pokémon VGC, and also the official format of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, and also one of the many faces of this versatile video game. Finally, you should know that this guide is aimed at players who have played a game of the main saga, understand the basic mechanics of the game and, most importantly, want to learn and have a lot of patience. Alola! (not even Hau lol) Welcome to this introductory guide to Pokémon VGC 2018! Over the next 5 weeks, you will find on this weekly topic all kinds of content to train for the next format, which will become legal on January 1! It is also a good time to quickly visualize the differences between some terms that, at first glance, may seem synonymous: Format: set of rules and specifications that apply in all official competitions (which award points to qualify for the World Cup) and also other non official but hosted competitions. They change at the end of each year (it has always been the 1st of January, with the exception of 2016, where it was December 1 for the 2017 format) and they always fit and play in the last game of the main saga. Commonly, the formats are called "VGCxx", where xx is the year where they are played for the longest time. For example: VGC18: format in effect as of January 1, 2018 (until, presumably, December 31, 2018), pertaining to the 2017-18 season. VGC17: current format from December 1, 2016 until December 31, 2017, pertaining to the 2016-17 season and also to the 2017-18 season. Season: division of the competitive game in periods of 12 months comprised from September to August, in which the Championship Points (CP) for the World Cup are maintained. After the World Cup each year the CP account is restarted for the next season, which starts on September 1st. Currently, each season is divided into series. Series: sections of a season that last from 2 to 3 months. Some events, such as the Premier Challenge, limit the amount of points you can accumulate in each series. Autumn Series (autumn): 9/1/17 to 31/10/17 Winter Series (winter): 11/1/17 to 31/1/18 (we are currently here) Spring Series (spring): 2/1/18 to 4/30/18 Summer Series (summer): 5/1/18 to 30/6/18 Right now we are in the 2017-18 season, which started on September 1, 2017 and will end with the Nashville World Championship in August 2018. The format used in all official competitions until December 31, 2017 (included) will be VGC17, played in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. However, both this guide and the vast majority of the season will be Pokémon UltraSun and Pokémon UltraMoon under the format of VGC18. The exact rules of the 2018 format are still to be finalized officially. However, it is about: Battles will be Doubles format (2 vs 2). Teams formed by 6 Pokémon, of which the player chooses 4 for the combat. In case a Pokémon exceeds or does not reach level 50, it would be readjusted automatically. All Pokémon must have a black cross indicating their origin from Alola. The following Pokémon can not be used: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Jirachi, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Magearna, Marshadow, Zeraora (unreleased) You can not use two or more times a Pokémon with the same number in the Pokédex (Species Clause) You can not repeat objects between the different Pokémon in the team (Item Clause) All objects are allowed: this includes Z Crystals and Mega Stones. Each player has 5 minutes of "personal time" and 45s to choose his actions in each turn. So for example: At the beginning of the battle, it opens with turn 1, where the 45s of turn are activated, and also the 5 minutes of personal time. Let's say it takes 12s to choose your actions for the first turn. This leaves you with 4:48 for the rest of the fight, and in the next turn you will have 45s again. Each turn you will have the 45s. If your personal time ends (0:00), you will automatically lose the battle. The time elapsed while the player can not perform any action (animations, Pokémon changes ...) does not count. I hope not to have discouraged you with this first part full of information, because the second part of this first installment of VGC18 in 5 weeks will be dedicated to talk about the basic mechanics of competitive game. To those who are used to other competitive formats or, simply, the upbringing, there will be many of these aspects that will sound familiar. However, it is never a bad time to refresh that couple of details that tend to fall into oblivion... To dominate the types chart is important. UltraSun and UltraMoon bring incorporated, in the same way that Sun and Moon did, an indicator of effectiveness; but it should only serve you in case you find some Pokémon of which you doubt the typing, because the seconds that you delay in consulting count (and we have already commented on the high speed at which the combats go this format...). In any case, having the information of this table in mind is always good. Click to show the table: It is no secret that all Pokémon have stats that mark their most powerful attributes, their strengths and their weaknesses. They are divided into six areas, which are the following: HP : number that indicates the longevity of the Pokémon on the field. When it reaches 0, the Pokémon faints. Several side effects of movements, changes of state and conditions of the combat terrain directly affect the value of the PS regardless of the other attributes. Attack: ability of the Pokémon to execute physical attacks with more or less power. Defense: ability of the Pokémon to resist physical attacks of the opponent. Special Attack: ability of the Pokémon to execute special attacks with more or less power. Special Defense: ability of the Pokémon to resist special attacks of the opponent. Speed: it marks the speed that the Pokémon will have to move and, therefore, to attack. The fastest Pokémon tend to attack first, although you should know that the priority moves ignore the Pokémon's speeds and always attack first. The overall capacity of each Pokémon is defined by its base stats, which you can visit in many different Pokédex. I personally recommend using the search engine integrated in the Pokémon Showdown Team Builder and the Smogon Pokédex. We will take for example Landorus in his Therian form (Landorus-T), a very interesting and valuable Pokémon (among other things, by using Rock Slide), whose statis are the following: When we see his stats, we quickly identify that he has a very good base attack, and that his special attack is relatively mediocre. So, we know that Landorus will most likely be used as a physical attacker by our rivals, and that it is also the best option for our team in case we want to include him there. When we look at his speed, we can note that he is in a somewhat mediocre stat, because big common threats like Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, M-Kangaskhan or M-Charizard (both X and Y) surpass him in speed; however, it is a comfortable stat for the vast majority of landorus uses. Some trainers decide to correct that by equipping him with a Choise Scarf, but we'll talk about it later... On the other hand, its combination of bulk (ie, PS, Defense and Special Defense) is very decent for a Pokémon that is supposedly only used offensively, so some trainers also opt for objects that reinforce their defensive capabilities, such as the Assault Vest, which multiplies 1.5x its Def. Esp. In exchange for not being able to use movements that do not cause direct damage. If we look at the typing of Landorus (Earth and Flying) and analyze everything commented above, we conclude: Landorus is an extremely versatile Pokémon, as it uses its well-balanced stats to surprise with a multitude of diverse roles, suitable for the vast majority of teams. Landorus appreciates the physical attacks in pursuit of the specials, such as Rock Slide. From time to time he also likes to use Earthquake, which is his main STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), that is, an attack that receives 1.5x more power since it is the same type as the Pokémon that uses it. Based on the premises stipulated for Landorus (although the scheme really serves for any other Pokémon), we can squeeze their maximum potential and mask their weaknesses. The abilities are the first of the different mechanics of the game that we will contemplate from now on. They were introduced in the Third Generation, and since then, in each generation new ones have been added, some more useful than others, which have left an impact on the competitive scene. When building a team, regardless the metagame, you may be interested in some of the most common abilities, such as Intimidation (Landorus-T, Hitmontop, Salamence, Arcanine ...), which reduces by one level (0.67x) the attack of both rivals; or Defiant (Braviary / Bisharp) / Competitive (Milotic), which counteracts the effects of Intimidation, increasing the Attack or Special Attack respectively two levels (2x) of the Pokémon when receiving a drop in stats. Other common skills are Prankster, from Pokémon like Thundurus or Liepard, which allows them to use their state attacks (like Thunder Wave or Taunt) with priority +1; or Moody, from Smeargle, which increases a stat by two levels and decreases at a different level at the end of each turn, although unfortunately for some, it can no longer show off its Dark Void... It is also possible that you are interested in controlling the weather of the field, in which case, you are looking for climatic abilities... WEATHER In general, every metagame is influenced by the weather during combat. The classic climatic abilities (Drizzle, Drought, Nevada and Chorro Arena) and the movements Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sand Storm and Hail activate a specific climate, such as rain or hail, for five turns. This effect can be extended up to eight turns if the Pokemon that induces the climate carries a Climatic Rock. The most classic Pokémon for this work have been Politoed / Pelipper and its Drizzle ability; Mega-Charizard-Y and its Drought; and Tyranitar with his Sandblast. Less occasionally we have seen Abomasnow, of Hail skill; or Thundurus carrying the Rain Dance movement. These are the concrete effects of weather abilities: Drizzle (Politoed, Pelipper) Water type attacks do 1.5x damage. Fire-type attacks deal 0.5x damage. Thunder and Hurricane never fail. Pokémon with the Swift Swim ability double their speed. Drought (M-Charizard-Y, Torkoal) Fire-type attacks do 1.5x damage. Water type attacks deal 0.5x damage. Thunder and Hurricane see their accuracy reduced to 50%. Solar Beam automatically charges in a turn. Pokémon with the Chlorophyll ability double their speed. The Synthesis, Morning Sun and Moonlight movements recover twice as much health. Sand Stream (M-Tyranitar, Gigalith) Pokémon that are not Ground, Rock or Steel type receive residual damage each turn (1/16 of their PS). The Special Defense of the Rock type Pokémon increases by 1.5x. Pokémon with the Sand Veil ability increase their evasion by 25%. Pokémon with the Sand Rush ability double their speed. Pokémon with the Sand Force ability increase the power of Rock, Ground and Steel type attacks by 30%. Snow Warning (Abomasnow, Ninetales-Alola, Vanilluxe) Pokémon that are not Ice type receive residual damage each turn (1/16 of their PS). Blizzard never fails. Pokémon with the Snow Cloak ability increase their evasion by 25%. Pokémon with the Ice Body ability increase their PS by 1/16 at the end of each turn. The Pokémon with the Slush Rush ability double their speed. Allows to activate Aurora Veil. Until now, all the concepts will sound like you have played the adventure of the game. From now on, something that does not show up directly in the game starts, but you can quantify and measure without problem. The effort points (Effort Values and, therefore, EVs) are values that each Pokémon acquires as it defeats another Pokémon (and that the console does not show). Each Pokémon that we defeat brings a different number of EVs and in different stats as well. Finally, the EVs are moldable to your liking: you can distribute them as you want between all the characteristics of your Pokémon. When playing VGC at level 50, there are certain characteristics of the EVs that you should notice: You have 508 EVs available, you can invest a maximum of 252 in two stats and the remaining 4 in another. If all the IVs of your Pokémon are at maximum (31), the ideal situation is to invest in 3 or 5 statis to avoid wasting the available EVs. When a stat has 0 EVs, when adding the first 4 EVs, the final stat will add up to one point. However, thereafter it will be necessary to add 8 EVs so that the stats add a point. That is to say: 4 EVs: 1 point 8 EVs: 1 point 12 EVs: 2 points 16 EVs: 2 points 20 EVs: 3 points And so on until you reach 252. Now you start to see where the issue of "wasting" the EVs goes, right? In a future article I will explain in depth how to make an optimal distribution, but remember that each Pokémon has an ideal distribution according to the team in which it is and the function it performs within it. Do not hesitate to experiment with different options! An interesting tool to create your EVspreads is the Damage Calculator. You may also be interested in this Speed Chart when you want to calculate how many EVs you should invest in the speed of your Pokémon. To guide you in how much people tend to distribute more or less in their Pokémon (as well as the nature or movements that are used most in each Pokémon in general), you can make use of the PGL page or the Smogon stats (2017-10 or the corresponding month and year, look for VGC2017 / VGC2018 and go to movesets). Another of the most important factors in a Pokémon is what would become its genetic, known as individual values (IVs). If you have tradition as a Pokémon breeder looking for perfect IVs or shinies, this section probably will not come with anything new. Broadly speaking, you should know that the IVs... They are measured between 0 and 31 and are present in the 6 stats (PS, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed). There is no limit of maximized stats: you can have 31 in the 6 or in which you are interested (usually they will be 4 or 5). They are different in each Pokémon regardless of their species, unlike base stats or the EVs that it brings from defeating it. They are transmitted through breeding. There are different methods for this, such as the use of Ditto with the 6 IV in 31 with a Destiny Knot, for example. They are legally unmodifiable in the game. The only way to do this is through programs that are external to the game and that are strictly prohibited in the official competition (despite not providing real competitive advantage). From the Seventh generation, there is Extreme Training, which you can do in the Mall of Hauoli City. For this, you will need your Pokémon to be at level 100 and have an object called Bottle Cap as currency. However, the IVs of the Pokémon do not really increase, but within a combat they are taken as maximums (31) but the Pokémon keeps the original IVs. It also does not affect the type of the Hidden Power of the Pokémon. The type of Hidden Power (special variable move with a base power of 60) varies depending on the IVs of each Pokémon as well. Maybe this table extracted from Bulbapedia will help you to know the status of your Pokémon and its IVs. The existing natures can be of one of two this types: Natures that boost a stat (1.1x of its value as final stat) and nerf another (0.9x of its value as final stat). Natures that do not influence stats (1.0x of the value as a final stat in all statistics) You probably want to choose the nature of your Pokémon based on its strengths. If you are using a Pokémon like Salamence, you are probably interested in investing in its speed with a Timid nature (increases speed and reduces attack) or Modest (increases special attack and reduces attack) rather than with a nature that disadvantages its strengths. In addition, natures that do not influence stats are not usually used competitively. These are the effects of natures, extracted from the table in Bulbapedia. With this concludes the first article of the series "VGC 18 Trainer School", hope it have been useful to you! In the next one, we will review the internal mechanics of combat, such as Megaevolutions and Z-Moves, as well as the different types of moves that are most common. Do not miss it!
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    Speechless at the kindness shown to me from the people here to change a neg into a positive. I can't thank you all enough for making this possible.
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    Bloody weather froze my car, ice scraper broke and i missed the start of the event, black friday hell day
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    Made a giant leap today and got hold of AoM extended edition, seems to work, but just says searching when i check online, i'll learn how to play it on single player first
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    Anyone know what a Registered Guest sees when visiting this site or is it best to ask what they don't see or have access to
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    These are looking pretty good! #hurryupexchange
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    Another Event Header Image done! VGC 18 events are coming and i had to celebrate it with new fancy header ^^
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    you're the official DI grandpa. love the avatar.
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    Two days away from two months in command of the seventeenth division, and two weeks away from hitting six months of being a part of the clan. Six months of loving the teams, the division, MY division. I've never enjoyed myself more in sixteen years and I'm super glad to be here - not even just to be a "big name," just to be able to call myself a member. I'll make a big sentimental post about this on Christmas... all I'll say here is that I love you guys. Each and every one of you. But I'll keep the rest of it for my Christmas Day post...
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    Hello everyone! It's Soulrick here, and this is the 2nd of the 5 week weekly topic. In this topic i will assume you have read the first one, if not, take it a look ^^ Be aware that at the end of this article you will find a Test (Google Formulary) to show how much you have learned! First i'm gonna tag Competitive Team C members, Casual B members (Trainer School) and PRP Council. IMPORTANT Remember this. The Mega Evolutions (hereinafter abbreviated as Mega) are a mechanics introduced in the 6th generation, with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and maintained in 7th generation. This special form of evolution is only obtainable by some Pokémon, which will see their basic statistics, abilities and even varied types when carrying their corresponding Mega Stone. Megaevolution only happens during the course of a combat, and its effect vanishes when it ends. In addition, you can use as many Mega Stones in your team as you want and in an unlimited way, but once you decide to mega-evolve one of your Pokémon, the others will not be able to do it in that combat. For example, in order to evolve our Salamence in Mega-Salamence, it is necessary that you carry a Salamencite equipped and we have completed the story section of the game necessary to obtain the Mega Bracelet. The Pokémon that have the Mega Stones equipped can not use other objects. In addition, there are two Pokémon (Charizard and Mewtwo), which have two mega forms: X and Y for each. These restrictions lead many teams to have only one Pokémon with Mega Stone, although occasionally teams with up to two Mega Stones have been seen, allowing the player to choose which is more suitable for each combat. It should also be noted that, since the Seventh Generation, the Pokémon will act with a speed stat corresponding to that of their Mega form. For example: Salamence has a base speed of 100, so until now, the first turn in which he attacks his speed would stay like this and he would be forced to protect himself until, in the second turn, his base speed was 120. Now , by pressing the megaevolution button, the base will be directly 120. Of course, all Pokémon have moves, which all have one or the other effect when used. Not all Pokémon learn the same movEs, nor in the same way (when leveling, through an MT, by a move tutor ...). To understand the Z-moves, which we will describe next, it is of course necessary to review the basic mechanics of the moves themselves. For a Pokémon to have access to moves, it is necessary for it to learn them. There are four ways to do this: Climbing the Pokémon's level, this will learn by itself moves throughout its development. Using Technical Machines (TM), each Pokémon can learn a variety of moves. Making use of the Move Tutor (located the vast majority on the different beaches in Pokémon UltraSun and UltraMoon), the Pokémon can learn moves that they could not learn otherwise in exchange for Heart Scales. Breeding and transferring inheritance moves from parents to children, regardless of the sex of the parent. The moves known by this method are commonly called egg moves. All moves are classified into 3 categories, which depend on their effects: Physical moves are those that perform damage through the attacker's Attack stat, and are received through Defender's Defense. The vast majority of these make contact with the opposing Pokémon and, therefore, can activate abilities such as Flame Body, Effect Spore and Rough Skin, as well as objects such as the Rocky Helmet or effects such as Spicky Shield and King's Shield. However, some moves such as Earthquake and Rock Blast do not make contact. In the same way, special moves inflict damage through the Special Attack of the user stat and defender's Special Defense. An exception is Psyshock, which attacks through user’s Sp. Atk. but in relation to the defender’s Physical Defense. Status moves do not do direct damage and often inflict side effects, such as paralysis (Thunder Wave); stat changes (Dragon Dance), among other effects. All the moves are of a single type (with the only exception of Flying Press, which is Fighting and Flying type at the same time). Each type of move has advantages and disadvantages compared to other types. You can check this compatibility in the first part of the article. All offensive moves (that is, causing damage to the opponent) have a base power, which represents the force with which the attack is made and, therefore, is involved in the calculation of the damage inflicted. The more base power, the more damage done. Damage moves can also cause a critical hit. This implies that the power of the move increases by 50% (therefore, it performs 150% of the original damage) and, in addition, ignores the diminished characteristics of the Pokémon (ie if our attacker is -1 in his Attack stat) and manages to hit a critical hit, this -1 will not factor in the calculation of damage). All moves have an initial critical hit rate of 6.25%. The vast majority of moves, whether attack or not, have accuracy that determines the probability of hitting the attack. The most of moves have a base accuracy of 100; However, some (the most powerful) tend to have values around 70 and 90. This translates with percentages to get from 70% to 90% of uses. Some attacks such as Aura Sphere or Aerial Ace are infallible, and all that affect the user, such as Dragon Dance or Substitute, never fail. The moves have power points (PP), which are defined as the number of times a Pokémon can perform the same move. They can be increased by objects such as PP Up or PP Max. When the PP of a move is exhausted, it can not be used until the next combat. If all moves of a Pokémon are left without PP, it can only use Struggle. Some moves cause a secondary effect, which is activated in a certain percentage of times (10%, 20%, 30% ...) and often causes changes of status to the enemy. For example, Flare Blitz has a 10% chance to burn the opponent. Other moves cause the user to recoil, that is, the user loses a proportional portion of his health regarding the damage inflicted. Some, like Wood Hammer, cause 33% of the damage done to the user, at the cost of their high base power. There are also moves that cause a decrease in user stats. The most common are Draco Meteor, which decreases the user’s Sp.Atk. by two levels after being used; or Close Combat, which decreases the user’s Defense and Special Defense by one level. All moves are organized on a priority scale. You can learn in depth about this here. Finally, some moves are categorized as sound moves. This makes the Pokemon with the Soundproof ability immune to them; and in addition, these moves go through the Substitute of any Pokémon, inflicting direct damage to the Pokémon. STAB means, in English, Same-type Attack Bonus. This is, then, an increase to the base power of a move by 50% if the type of this coincides with the Pokémon that uses it. Therefore, if we use Earthquake (base power 100) with an Ground type Pokémon such as Hippowdon, the Earthquake power will be increased to 150. This also applies to Pokémon of two types, such as Landorus or Garchomp. On the other hand, if a Pokémon with the Adaptability ability, such as Porygon-Z, uses a move affected by STAB, the power will increase by 100%. Therefore, Hyperbeam, of 150 base power, will be 300. Of all the usable moves in the game, the majority affect a single Pokémon. However, others affect multiple targets, being the two opposing Pokémon, or even the other 3 Pokémon in the field (including your partner!). Multiple target moves reduce their power by 25%. Therefore, if Earthquake in a combat of 1 vs 1 has a base power of 100, in double combat of 2 vs 2 (remember, the official format, which you can read more on the last article), its power will be 75. In moves that only affect the two opponent Pokémon (Earthquake is one of those that affect all those in the field), such as Rock Slide, if the opponent has only one Pokémon, the power of the move will be the same as if a 1 vs 1 will be. In addition, multiple target moves activate abilities such as Fire Absorb or Storm Drain, but do not override the effect on the other affected Pokémon. Finally, you should know that the Wide Guard move, which we will discuss just below, blocks these multiple objective moves. One of the main plays in competitive battles is to protect one or both of your Pokémon to gain a better position in the combat as a whole. For this, we have different moves: Protect: the main one, and for good reason. Block all damage moves, whether physical or special; as well as status ones. To know their interaction with Z-moves, read on. On the other hand, they are usually used in all Pokémon except those that carry a Choice Object or an Assault Vest. Detect: works in the same way as Protect, although it has less PP than the first. It has interesting Z properties (read on to find out!) And ignores the effects of Imprison move, which prevents your opponent from using any move that your Imprison Pokémon knows. Wide Guard: one of the moves par excellence in every team. It blocks the moves that affect several targets at once. The most frequent user is Aegislash, but other Pokémon like Hitmontop or Swampert usually use it. Quick Guard: Blocks the priority moves used by the opponent as long as the Quick Guard user has a higher speed stat than the attacker with priority. The Z-moves are the second of the great mechanics in play this season. Introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon and renamed aesthetically in UltraSun and UltraMoon, they are based on executing a high power move only once per combat, and that is usually decisive to determine the course of the same. To use a Z-move, you must have the Z-Bracelet in your pocket of key objects and you must equip any of your Pokémon with one of the Z-Crystals that you have obtained throughout the adventure. We find two types of Z-Crystals: Elemental crystals: are associated with each of the 18 types that exist and work as long as the Pokémon knows a move of the same type as the equipped crystal. For example, a Pikachu that knows Lightning and Irontail, will be able to use both the Electrium Z (Electric type) and the Steelium Z (Steel type). Specific crystals: they are associated with a specific Pokémon and will only work when the carrier is the one in question and uses a particular move. They tend to have a more devastating offensive effect than if that same Pokémon had an Elemental Crystal. Therefore, a Primarina can activate with its Sparkling Aria move either its Primariuml Z (using the Oceanic Operetta) or its Waterium Z (using this time the classic Abyssal Hydro-Vortex). However, with any other move, Primarium Z will not react. You can access a complete list of elemental or specific Z moves here. In the same way that there are two types of Z-Crystals, there are also two types of Z-Moves, which depend on the move they take as a base (attack or status). According to the attributes of the original move, the Pokémon uses an attack Z move with some characteristics or others: If the base attack is physical (Wild Charge), the Z-move will be too; whereas if it is special (Lightning), this will be maintained. Of course, the type of the original attack and its interactions with the other types are maintained (a Ghost type Pokémon is immune to a Normal type Z move, for example). Z attack moves also consume PP (therefore, if your original move does not have them, you can not use Z). The Z moves have all the standard possibility (6.25%) of causing a critical hit. However, the attributes of accuracy, chance of side effects, priority, charge turns or critical hit rate will not be maintained. This means that you can use Z-Solar Beam without charging in two turns, that using Z-Ice Beam does not have a 10% chance of freezing the opponent, and that Z-Bullet Punch will not attack with your usual priority. It should be noted that Z-moves never fail, regardless of changes in accuracy or evasion of any of the Pokémon in the field. Z-moves cause damage even through Protect. In that case, the damage done will be 25% of the original damage. Therefore, if a Z move was going to cause between 50 and 70% damage to our Pokémon, but we protect it, it could cause between 12.5 and 17.5% damage). The power of the Z-move is variable to that of the original move and, in the table below, extracted from Bulbapedia, you will find the equivalence between Normal base power and Z Base power: Unlike Z attack moves, they do not produce any damage, nor are they all generalized under the name of an attack. Thus, a Z water-type attack move, be it physical, special and with more or less power, will be called "Abyssal Hydro-Vortex", whereas if we try to use Z power with a status move, such as Aqua Ring, it will simply be "Z-Aqua Ring" and its effects will be different from any other enhanced status move. The main characteristics of the status Z-move are: Status Z-moves also consume PP (therefore, if your original move does not have them, you will not be able to use Z). Unlike attack Z-moves, the priority and accuracy attributes of the original move are maintained. Z-moves that involve an effect different from the initial move first apply the Z effect and then the original. For example, Nasty Plot is a Dark type move whose effect is to increase the Special Attack of the user by 2 levels. However, its Z effect is to return all changes of user characteristics to their normal effect. So, if we use Z-Nasty Plot, first our statistics will be returned to neutral and then we will receive the +2 in Sp. Atk. Status Z-moves ignore the effects of Taunt, Torment and Encore. However, using them under these conditions does not end with its effect. That is, a Cresselia who has been taunted may use Z-Trick Room, but after that, he may not use any of his other status moves until the effect of the Taunt does not fade. Z-moves and Megas are the two visual mechanics and most present in each combat. However, many others also appear in all our games, sometimes, going unnoticed and often being the key to the fights. Identify them correctly is an essential skill for the best players, because they provide a high value of information about the Pokémon of the opponent and the interaction of these with yours. The second part of this issue will review the most important ones. The comparison of speeds is probably one of the most important and constant throughout all the games. Establishing the order in which the Pokémon of the field will make their moves before this happens is crucial for decision making throughout the turns, and often can mean everything. Before going to analyze them, since all these methods are based on the speeds, let me remind you that none of the examples is fulfilled to the letter, because it can always be the case of a “speedtie”, where both Pokémon affected in the mechanics have the same speed , and then each one has an exact 50% chance of "winning", that is, acting as if it were the quicker of the two. At the beginning of each turn (and, more markedly, at the beginning of each fight), some skills are usually activated, such as weather (Drought, Drizzle ...), terrain (Misty Surge, Psychic Surge...) or Intimidation, among the most known. Let's say, for example, a situation where one player starts his game with Salamence, and the other with Landorus, both with the ability to Intimidate. Landorus is an extremely versatile Pokémon, since it works with a great variety of objects (Choice Scarf, Assault Vest, Groundium Z ...) and distributions of EVs and natures. So, how can we identify which of the variants is involved? Here two factors come into play: knowledge about our own Pokémon, and the information that the game provides us. Let's put ourselves in the perspective of Salamence's player. Before mega-evolve, its speed stat is 167, the maximum obtainable by a base-speed Pokémon 100. On the other hand, we also know that Landorus aspires to a maximum of 157 in its speed stat (base speed of 91). Therefore, if the message of Intimidation of the opposite Landorus is activated before that of our Salamence, the only possibility is that Landorus carries a Choice Scarf. However, it can be considered that if, instead of doing it in the first turn as in the example described, Salamence and Landorus enter the combat once this takes several turns of development, the sequence will be the same, with the only possible exception of alterations in speed. Therefore, if when Salamence and Landorus enter the field, the Trick Room is activated, the Intimidation of Landorus will be the first to activate. Likewise, if the player with Landorus has Tailwind activated on the entry turn, Landorus will activate his Intimidation first. Of course, the only way this situation is happening is when both players have lost a Pokémon in the previous turn. In a similar way the weathers interact, although with one difference: the last one to activate will be the one that remains. Therefore, in a situation where both Tyranitar (Base Speed 61) and Politoed (Base Speed 70) enter the field at the same time, if the rain remains, this means that Politoed is slower than Tyranitar. As the vast majority of Tyranitar are often used fast and offensive with objects such as the Choice Scarf; or extremely slow to take advantage of them to the maximum in Trick Room, in this case we would obtain the confirmation that it would be the first thing. In the same way we could extract information about the Politoed, because it would reveal a much more defensive nature and focused on support moves, because the offensive variants of Politoed are usually fast and, likewise, equipped with a Choice Scarf. Similarly, several objects are activated at the end of each turn, such as Leftovers, Black Sludge, or Pokémon's Speed Boost ability as Blaziken. The order of activation of these depends on the speed of the Pokémon, being the fastest those in doing it first. Similarly, weather conditions such as Sandstorm or Hail, which perform residual damage at the end of each turn they are active on, first damage the fastest Pokémon. During the development of a turn, if more than one Pokémon is switched, that is, more than one Pokémon is replaced by one of those left in the rear, the first one to leave the field will be the fastest. Therefore, if both a Kangaskhan (of speed stats 145) and a Tapu Fini (with a speed stat of 127) try to be replaced, the first to leave the field will be Kangaskhan, and then, Tapu Fini. This is especially important if the Pokémon that replaces the first one (in this case Kangaskhan) has some ability like Intimidation, because this will activate and then Tapu Fini will proceed to leave the field, and the Pokémon that covers his place will not be affected by that Intimidation. For today, we're going to leave it here. With what we learned in the first article and today's lesson, all the basic theoretical knowledge of the game has been consolidated. If you want to review your knowledge in them, try this test! In the next article we will discuss the basic aspects of team building. See you soon!
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    I've got a big announcement coming tomorrow! (I'm super nervous, but super excited!)
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    Hello everyone, it's me Soulrick. Today i want to introduce you a big project i was started working on this year around May. FIRST THINGS FIRST But first of all, i want to make you know that the fact i will be back on working on this project, will take some time i dedicated to DI previously, i will still being Team C Captain, hosting events, participating on the forums and everything. But i will need to give up on the post where i offered profile pics and drawings. If someone needs some profile pics, header profile or event header i still can do some, but under PM request and if i'm not busy at that moment. Specially the header images, that ones take me only an hour maximum to make them, so i dont have eny problem with that. Example (last one i did for @gingerWhimsy requested on PM) THE PROJECT The project started during this year's summer with me and two friends. Me as the Director and Graphic Designer, one as the Programmer and other as the Writer of the Lore and the Script of the game. Everything is made with RPG Maker-XP. I will share with you everything we have at the moment (we have had like 3 months of pause bc of exams, college and work), but now we are starting it again. Everything i will show it's on very early development and is suggested to changes and opinions, i will really appreciate yours if you have them ^^ Also if someone wants to participate in any way, every help is welcome. At the moment we have this. The entire lore of the game written and some dialogs. We aim on at least creating 3 new starters and 3 legendaries already planned and theory-created. We only need to draw them (If someone's interested on help with the concepts i will be enormously grateful bc im currently learning to draw lol.) PM me for details on this last one. Also note taht we are doing this in Spanish since the entire team are friends IRL from Spain, but if this project ends succesfully we want to translate it entirely to English. There's some graphics: Provisional Name and Logo Region map scheme (Still no region name decided) Main Characters (sprites) Starter Town (Villa Malia) Player's House Rival's House Kanae's Laboratory Route 1 That's all we have done for now, as i said we appreciate any opinion or help you want to offer. I think that's all friends. Regards, Soulrick.
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    Welcome everyone my name isn't IbnBattuta and It's nice to meet you. In case you don't know me because you never saw me active on TeamSpeak or here in DI forums, I'll tell you about myself since it's my Introduction after all. I'm known in DI as "The longest initiate EVER" because I spent 4 months in DI as an Initiate and I was able to become a Full Member after August Cohort when I was originally supposed to be in May Cohort since I joined DI April 17, 2016 and in case you are wondering why, It's was wither because of activity issues, misunderstandings with officers or lack of people to vote on my full member application. Anyway, some of the bad stuff I encountered here wouldn't have happened to me if someone told me how to avoid them in advance and that doesn't mean that my original mentor wasn't doing his job but he was busy IRL so he wasn't that active in TeamSpeak to talk about stuff and also because I was shy and didn't want to be a burden to him but some stuff happened to me because I didn't pay attention to some rules in Code of Ops. So that made me want to do something to help other Initiates not make the same mistakes I did and to help them succeed their Initiation and the thing I did was this guide in August as a way to gain reputation in this community to have more people know of my good deeds toward community and actually it helped a lot and I was accepted as Full Member in DI. But not because I've reached my goal and became a member, I should stop updating my guide.. this guide helped me know awesome people here in DI and was the reason why some of the old members you see nowadays are what they currently are because my guide motivated them and made them know how to enjoy this awesome community. So with no further delay, I hope my guide becomes useful to you and don't forget to have fun with us! First: TeamSpeak Second: Forums Third: Events Fourth: [Updating and Polising...] 1. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 2. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 3. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 4. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 5. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 6. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 7. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 8. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 9. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press on the grey heart shaped button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you Upvote/Like that Topic/Post which increases the reputation of those respective members in DI. It's similar to Facebook Like/Reaction button, thumbs-up for Upvote and Heart for Like so If you liked my guide, I'd appreciate if you Upvote my topic! > Btw, That's how it looks like in case you didn't notice!
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    I cant WAIT to share the 2018 plan and future vision with you guys :D
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    Joining DI because i Met @chicior the future father of my children and a beautiful man i Met @Venomous3 the smoothest voice ever i Met @Abi A good late night chat i Met @Enigma The one who brought me here and loved me through thick and thin i Met @Seyyo and @hawky 2 Cool dudes who are a laugh and good at RL i Met @Dave Just a lad i Met @Sharpz The OG roadman i Met @Zxcaven The best american man i know i Met @Zezette The best teacher ever! i Met @HypoFinn the best profile pic EVER!!!! i Met @PoldenGenis Always smoking the sheesha blblblblbl So yeah #HOPEISURVIVEPROBATION
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    Decided to celebrate the weekend by buying a new set of guitar strings. It was VERY necessary and the difference is actually day and night. Ho man, FeelsAmazingMan. Cleaned it entirely as well, the whole process took about an hour, my guitar is a very happy guitar! Ready for some Karaoke haha
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    Happy Thanksgiving, DI! You guys are like a second family to me. I'm thankful for every single person here who's crossed my path. Whenever I've needed someone/something, DI has been here for me. I've made so many great friends during my time here, and I sincerely hope to make many more! I wish you all a happy holiday!~
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    >Does 11 hour straight of Karaoke singing throughout the whole event >Promotes/Demotes people within minutes of them being posted in Officer Promotion/Demotion thread >Keeps getting voted "Biggest No Lifer"
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    Don't spell part backwards. It's a trap.
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    Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.
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    So many games to play on the Calendar......oh dear.....
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    CHALK: Daiki chalk: jhon chalk: Jana chalk: Amir Alexander Chalk + bisharp: RAIN: Jana rain: Gengar rain trap: Jhon rain + trick room: Test bot rain + grassium heatran: Amir Alexander rain + klefki: PSY SPAM: そま psyspam + trick room: Mishimono psy spam (amir version): Amir Alexander psy spam + scarf CLOWN (top 10 on the showdown ladder used by Heliosvelite): Ace Emerald psy spam: SUN: Terry sun + ttar: Jana Sun + lele-blim: SAND: Rykku & Lectro sand: flarz sand: Amir Alexander sand (it need to be fixed): GARDEVOIR & FRIENDS: Conan Wild garde + zapdos-fini: MAWILE & FRIENDS: こばると mawile squad: Jana mawile squad: Sumic mawile squad: OTHER ARCHETYPES: Mr GX volca balanced: TheRazer Gardevoir squad: SamVGC mega salamence team: Natizo offensive perish trap: Claduva stakataka + perish trap MEMES: Amir Alexander CLAMPERL. : Amir Alexander grassy seed mantine: Amir Alexander Self trick or treat (halloween meme): Amir Alexander + HeliosVelite 0RIC0RI0 SQUAD:
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    Hello everyone! I'ts Soulrick here. These last two days i have been drawing something to be printed as a poster (A4 size), this is a birthday gift to my best friend Laura, she loves Dragonite. I would like to know your thoughts about it, i like everything on it but i feel like the part on the bottom is kinda empty. I placed that text, and i like it but meh, i dont know. Any ideas about what could i do to finish this? Share some art if you have some too! ^^
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    After getting the most amazing team logo ever made for me I felt a need to start this thread. If Amir has done some dope art for you, share it below! @AmirAlexander
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    FUCK YEAH. Probably one of my most productive weeks at uni ever, finished the electrical circuit, most of the flower, even the casing is 50% done. HELLO WEEKEND <3
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    Hey guys! Kaz here. Going to help give some of you people who are struggling with rank some help. Some info about me... Im a high champ 2/low champ 3 at hardly over 1000 hours. Ive not even been playing for a year at this point, but in a few weeks, will probably be around low grand champion. I’m going to give you guys some tips and pointers of how I got this far this fast. For starters, lets look at one of my old console teammates rank WAY back in the day SUBJECT 1 SEASON 1 DNP SEASON 2 DNP SEASON 3 CHALLENGER 3 SEASON 4 PLATINUM 2 SEASON 5 PLATINUM 3 SEASON 6 PLATINUM 3 As you can see, this player had a decent first season, as a very new player to the game, coming and getting challenger 3. He then proceeded to reach platinum 2 the next season. This is normal, for the second season for most players doesnt get very high up. Now lets look at the next few seasons. Over this course of time he has proceeded to only get one rank higher. I can assure you that this isnt because of inactivity, he has slightly HIGHER hours than I do, plays ranked every day, but just isnt making any progress at all. This is very common, most players get stuck at this for mant seasons, going up at a slow rate, and usually never get the rank they want. Now lets look at me... SEASON 1 DNP SEASON 2 DNP SEASON 3 CHALLENGER 2 SEASON 4 PLATINUM 3 SEASON 5 CHAMPION 2 SEASON 6 CHAMPION 3 As you can see, ive went higher much quicker. This is over the course of about 1000 hours each. I know many, many players that have been stuck at the same rank for months. There are ways though, that you can help change this. 1: Play with higher level players At least try to do it in casual. You can see what they do good and try and apply this to your game 2: Training Improving your mechanical skills helps a ton. But many people just do the basic things, flicks, aerials. What helps the MOST is trying to get good at the things others arent good at. My thing is picking the top corners with my ground shots. This allows me to not need to pinch in on offense to score goals, because I can put a tough shot on net every time, which at the very least will make them use lots of boost and/or let up a bad rebound. Now for the byfar most important one... 3: Analytical replay analysis and pro player comparison. The most important thing you can do to get better is realising where you are going wrong. Everybody does play different, so these will vary. Pretty much ranking up is like making a theory on science. It starts off very basic, then you make certain rules that the theory abides by, it gets more and more advanced until youve figured all you can. If we compare this to rotation... Everyone will start off not knowing how to rotate and be ballchasing Evolves to players learning of small amounts of rotation. They learn that one player should be in defensive position, so a common bronze or silver strat is having one player all the way back. Eventually they adapt to learn not to go for the same ball at the same time. They learn to adapt their style of having a person all the way back to go farther up and participate in the offence. Then the rest is player decisions. Will a player decide to rotate faster and force mistakes, or will a player decide to play slower? Will a player pinch high up into the play or will they not? When you are watching your replays, look at the formula youve created, and how do you play. Then look what is going wrong. Are you missing your challenges and putting your teammate on a 2v1 on defence all game? Or are you too far back to participate in the offence, therefore scoring no goals? Once you see these flaws, you can fix them by messing with what you are doing. Like for me, some weeks I can play very very fast. But if I see it isnt working and im losing, I might play a bit slower. If its better when I play slower, I can stick with it until it stops working. Yes every player plays differently, but that doesnt mean watching high level gameplay in terms of trying to play out somebodys style is a bad thing. You dont want to copy everything from a player because they have different strengths and weaknesses than you. But you can apply certain things that work for them to your game. Sometimes you may not like the change you made, but sometimes you will love them. Finding what works best with the combination of enough mechanical skill is what causes a rank up. We will be making a youtube tutorial soon on the Team C channel giving more tips and explaining this in farther depth and with more examples. Just 3 days ago, I gave my xbox friend who couldnt rank up a replay analysis and he changed many things. I will monitor his rank progress and update this after on what happens after he takes all these tips. At the end of the day though, you dont need to improve like me. If you improve at a regular pace, that is perfect, there is no problem there, and in that case you probably do most of these things. But if youve been stuck at the same rank for a a few months, give these a try. Im sure you will reach your intended rank. If you have any other questions, write it in the comments, or if it is a question you would rather ask in private, PM me on the forums or on steam. Hope to see you guys ranking up! :)
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    Sitting here eating cream crackers because that's all my appetite can handle right now. I want real food! @Abi take your sickness back.
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    It does make sence in the scientific sence. Both Reaper and Moira phase out of the physical world when using their abilities (basically untouchable by anything with physical properties), while Tracers recall is time-related. Time travel, according to scientists and physicists, is related to very high speeds of movement (above lightspeed). Zaryas grav negates movement which makes it impossible for Tracer to move fast enough to travel through time.
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    Congratz to everyone who passed initiation! :)
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    I started thinking about Eevee and my heart got all warm. I love Pokémon :')
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    Once again, I am so excited to announce the newest Overwatch Division, DI-XX! GGs to everyone who was involved with the creation, and we are just one step so close to an Overwatch Legion! :D
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    I can relate to these two, although I'm not really scared of death itself. If it comes, it comes, I feel pretty indifferent about it. Getting lost in a dark forest, surrounded by nothing but just trees, yet feeling the presence of something sneaking up on us, hopelessly wandering around not being able to find the path back. This scares me.
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    best topic I've seen today https://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/51089-drphilandchill-what/
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    Amazing stuff as always from karaoke!! Big shoutout to @OverwatchTho for being a singing machine and hosting it. You rock man! #KeepTheDreamAlive
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    Trying out Fortnite - got sniped and scared me so bad just about fell out of my chair. such a fail XD
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    Eating the most glorious pulled pork sandwich ever... I'm in love.
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    Overwatch Free weekend this weekend! ... I only just found out. :( SHARK SQUAD, UNITE! https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/free-trial
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    Literally IN LOVE with my new cover picture. Thanks a million @Soulrick!!
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    Did very well in math today, now onto Tangent functions!
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    252 SpA Blacephalon Helping Hand Inferno Overdrive (200 BP) vs. 244 HP / 140+ SpD Eviolite Porygon2 in Sun: 237-279 (124 - 146%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252 SpA Blacephalon Helping Hand Inferno Overdrive (200 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Tapu Fini in Sun: 171-202 (96.6 - 114.1%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO 252 SpA Blacephalon Helping Hand Inferno Overdrive (200 BP) vs. 244 HP / 88 SpD Gastrodon in Sun: 228-268 (105 - 123.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252+ Atk Mega Swampert Earthquake vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Blacephalon: 254-302 (196.8 - 234.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO Everything just dies...not even 4 times resists help XD
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    Anything by Marvel is awesome, if you're watching the Punisher (which I love) and you haven't seen Daredevil, you should definitely give it a look. @Sairane got me into Archer, and if you haven't seen that then you're missing out.
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    Should I change my profile picture? I have had this quality profile picture since i joined DI, but now it seems kinda outdated... Do you guys think I should change it? :)
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