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    So proud on my new house banner!!!!
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    I’m back as of today albeit I won’t be super active yet since I’m still on catch up duty with life and what have you. Regardless I am back and ready to continue being a part of the community :)
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    Baked potatoes with boiled eggs and homemade sauce
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    Yesssss, I GRADUATED UNIVERSITY :D. Master of Science/Engineer title, fuckin' yeaaaaahhhhhhhh
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    Really dislike this paying for rep using xp.
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    i maybe an initiate but fuck it. DAMAGE INC TILL I DIE
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    Division 20 is now holding weekly anime events! I wanted to open them up to the public. This topic will contain all information about it :D ✿Weekly Anime✿ ♥General Info!♥ Animes: Konosuba, K-On, Log Horizon, Dates: Every Saturday Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST Voting: First two weeks of each month! NOTE: Tokens are not given for these. As no participation is required. This is just for fun! ♥Current Anime - K-On!♥ Dates: Every Saturday from 2/17/18 to 3/31/18 Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST Events: Ep. 1 & 2, Ep. 3 & 4, Ep. 5 & 6, Ep. 7 & 8, Ep. 9 & 10, Ep. 11 & 12, Ep. 13 Info: (Click) ♥Next Anime - Log Horizon♥ Dates: Every Saturday from 4/7/18 to 6/30/18 Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST Events: Ep. 1 & 2, Ep. 3 & 4, Ep. 5 & 6, Ep. 7 & 8, Ep. 9 & 10, Ep. 11 & 12, Ep. 13 & 14, Ep. 15 & 16, Ep. 17 & 18, Ep. 19 & 20, Ep. 21 & 22, Ep. 23 & 24 & 25. Info: (Click) ✿Voting✿ ♥General Info!♥ Dates: First two weeks of each month Rules: Below 35 episodes, No hentai, TV-MA is alright as long as it's appropriate with all ages and DI rules. Do not vote for animes we have already watched. Past Animes: Konosuba, K-On!, Log Horizon Form: (Click) ✿Questions✿ Any questions can be asked here or sent in a PM to @Jinxxy.
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    What would peoples opinions be on a rocket league trading section? No money involved, Just trading item for item?
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    NOTE: Decided to use this thread as a hub for passing plays (for me at least) let me know if anyone wants to add their own here for others to see :) Thank you to @Azoru and @StuiterbalNL for such an awesome play :D https://i.gyazo.com/7b1a0c4beada4f748dcd451e36ff3dcd.mp4 Managed this beauty in solo queue:- https://i.gyazo.com/b049211a48494b1403544ea2eafbbaef.mp4
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    That it boys and girls, thats all I found on my phone. Ill keep you updated when i come up with a new dish!
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    I am recently getting back to pixels and trying out lil cute icons like this What are your thoughts?
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    Thanks you! i am top 0.11% right now haha
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    Rooting for TL, I am a fan of all their players and I'd like to see whether or not NA can have a super team that can perform well.
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    He does have some severe talent that's for sure!
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    I'd marry him if I could. And I'm straight xD The man is a fucking genuis.
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    "Words cannot describe the enjoyment that game will bring you." ily caven
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    Welp, I'm ready to copy pasta my previous application that was supposed to be used last cohort. Thanks for the heads up! :D
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    ********MAJOR UPDATE******* The Full Member Application Submission Window has been Changed! Application Submission Period: January 26th to January 27th If you plan to not have access to a computer or the internet during this time period to access the forums, please let me know. @Anthonii @Rin @Insanity @Boonkin @Migz @Aerospace https://di.community/forum/28-full-member-applications/ please comment saying you have read and understood this message
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    These are really helpfull tips guys, thanks.
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    If you want to participate in officer training, check out this post!
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    "What's going on with my XP?" "Why is my XP not converted and other's is?" Read this for clarification ;) https://di.community/topic/58368-xp-system-drums/
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    sorry we dont want an down-graded rainbow six siege bloody roosted
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    Best hero is by far Zenyatta in the current meta. He's got MASSIVE impact on the game with not only his discord, but his ability to melt basically any hero in the game with his balls. Tranquility also stands strong against most ultimates and can only be denied by a biotic grenade from ana (who's not played much due to the mercy meta)
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    This profile is now property of the Plup Club. @Sol @Eeveon @Ewok783
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    Blend S, Showa Genroku no Rakugo S2, Ajinn S2, AoT S2 and probably Juni Taisen if i have the time
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    Really fun event! Please attend so that I'm not locked in a room alone with Rage.
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    I am currently enjoying The Ancient Magus Bride and I just finished. 91 days and recovery of a mmo junkie
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    Just got message new pc parts coming in next 2 days. Finally !
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    Just started the ancient magus's Bride so far liking it .
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    Yorick. He's a Graves Counter. Y'know, because he digs Graves? That's enough of a reason for me.
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    This is my Fan-art from the game Fortnite <3 And I really love playing this character and her name is Penny This is my 2nd experience drawing with my graphic tablet and it looks nice I guess? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 2 (Shadow 2.0)] Part 3 is coming with a Fortnite background :3
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    Yes everyone. TeamSpeak is down at the current moment. Please be patient while we resolve the issue, thanks :)
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    PSA: Portal 2 is only 1.99 on Steam! Get it and join @ethanator2008And I in a test chamber creation challenge!
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    As you are in my division and team yes, we try to do ESL every sunday, we are currently trying to get enough people to run set teams and we are trying to find out who plays best. The goal currently is to have 2 teams running for it atm.
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    I mine gold thank you, it helps the economy and doesn't drive GPU prices through the roof And does crypto mining let you make a watch out of it at a workbench for your gf for Valentines Day? I don't think so kiddo.
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    I need godd placement this season :3 so please text me :3 if you kno wat i mean (jk) -Signed by: MadFlowder
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    Shiinotic @ Leftovers Ability: Effect Spore EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Spore - Strength Sap - Moonblast - Substitute Enough said. My top 3: 1. Starmie. 2. Starmie. 3. Starmie.
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    not that I know of, but I will be the DJ to his wedding for the sole purpose of the game music
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    What a weekend it has been. Ooffff. Thank you for all who came to celebrate the division status
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    My old work is hiring for my old position again. I'm sadistically happy that the person they kept over me and kicked me to the curb for has now screwed their systems up, and now they're in a huge mess. Does that make me a bad person?
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    Hello I’m Datsuzoku I joined on jan 6 and have never got around to making one of these posts, upon making my initiate App I was accepted and placed into DI-XXI and the Trident House. Hope to see you guys around potentially ingame and on the forums :)
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    I can pretty much listen to anything and everything, I'm not too keen on most Top 40 songs though, even though some shine... Mostly a fan of grime as well, hold tight @Bravo!
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    I dont really remember what this is.... I know its some sweet dough with some honey nut filling topped with melted dark chocolate oh and tea
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